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I am so happy about their friendship, I just want them to hang out forever.


when you kinda move on from a certain ship and forget about it but suddenly you see a post or something about that ship and all the feels come back



Can I just say how cool it was that both of these superheroines’ personalities and powers were explored in this episode? And how well it was done?

Starfire was not shamed for being emotional. Her powers come from her emotions.

Raven was not shamed for suppressing her emotions. Her power requires amazing control.

They both. Work. They are both different kinds of strength, and they are both heroic and powerful and good. And they each learned from the other, and helped each other out by seeing from each others’ perspective, and finding the value in their differing approaches! Wow!

Fuck yes, this is how you write super-ladies, okay. There’s more than one way to be a “strong female character.” There’s all different kinds of strength. Why don’t more people GET this?





oh my god

i legitimately stared at this and went ‘what it looks fine’ and then it hit me. and i threw myself out the window. and then reblogged it.

oh my gosh this physically hurts me

"Millions of damage"




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The two silly dorks again ♥

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croptops r for anyone 2 wear n everyone 2 celebrate

Unless you have a muffin top.

here’s a to-do list for u

  • fix yr garbage ass blog
  • fix yr garbage ass attitude


If we share OTPs then we share a fucking soul.

"Also, you shouldn’t waste food."


troy baker is a gift to humanity